Graphic Design & Video Production

Effective graphic design not only catches attention but also delivers a message and, ultimately, causes action. Hillmer is known for design that pushes the boundaries of “typical” government communications and raises the bar to help our clients accomplish their goals.

With more than a decade of proven, effective graphic design delivery on federal government projects, Hillmer’s product development team moves fast to put creative ideas into reality with high impact visuals that communicate complex program, change management and technology concepts. Hillmer’s comprehensive understanding of unique government communications and branding means we not only work hand-in-glove with public affairs and other government regulatory offices, but we are able to quickly and strategically conceptualize, design and deploy powerful content to help our clients reach their goals.

Hillmer understands strong, resonating messages are augmented by enhanced powerful visuals. Our award-winning team of designers work with strategic communications professionals and project management professionals to ensure all design projects meet cost, schedule and performance targets. From newsletters to briefings, from videos to products and services catalogs, Hillmer’s graphic design and video production team consistently hits the mark for our government clients, delivering messaging through elements that sway and design that pops.

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