Case Studies

The case studies below provide overviews of how Hillmer has creatively and effectively addressed some significant challenges faced by our clients. Review the solutions we developed and implemented, see the processes we applied to gain key efficiencies and you’ll want to know: What can we accomplish for you?

  • Hillmer developed and managed strategic communications to deliver a new website with multiple features critical to the success of the program.

  • Hillmer's communications approach helped drive a dramatic increase in stakeholder engagement, cohesiveness and user buy-in throughout the USDA/FNS program.

  • Hillmer’s strategic communications plan included executive briefings, by-lined articles, media interviews, speaking engagements, conferences and road shows at implementation sites.

  • Hillmer created a multi-pronged emergency preparedness campaign including targeted messaging, posters, web-based training and materials for Treasury staff family members.

  • Hillmer delivered the full spectrum of strategic communications services required to align personnel in the midst of a major organizational restructuring.