Software Engineering Center (SEC)
SEC Products and Services Catalog

The U.S. Army Software Engineering Center (SEC) needed to showcase to their customers SEC's wide array of products and services that enable Warfighting superiority and information dominance across the enterprise. Hillmer worked closely with SEC to develop, organize and design print and electronic versions of the SEC Products & Services Catalog. The easily navigable catalog allows new and existing customers to fully grasp the breadth of SEC's software engineering capabilities and ensures SEC can remain the one-stop shop for government customers.

The Products & Services Catalog allowed SEC to optimize outreach and sales to existing and potential customers by consolidating all product and services details from hundreds of briefings and other sources into a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use resource. Customers are able to gain an immediate overview of any item of interest as well as cross-reference and identify any related consumables that may better help them achieve their mission. The success of this product can be attributed to Hillmer’s understanding of the Government market space and our B2G expertise. Having a deep understanding of SEC’s needs and brand compliance, Hillmer was able to tailor a product that would allow SEC to effectively communicate and market to its customer base.

Internally, the Products & Services Catalog helped align SEC directorates and program managers, allowing for an immediate cross-platform understanding and collaboration associated with all organizational competencies. This alignment of resources created a new efficiency for SEC and eliminated costly redundancies.


  • Graphic design
  • Strategic communications